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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions of usage carefully before using website www.hoteldemocritus.gr

Terms and conditions of usage the website ww.hoteldemocritus.gr

By using the website of the Hotel Dnipro www.hoteldemocritus.gr  and on-line reservation system that is on website you agree to the terms and conditions of use  specified below and obliged to meet the conditions and also give your consent for using your personal information by the Hotel in compliance with effective legislation of Greece. Your continued use of the site following the posting of changes will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to these terms of use.


This website is owned and operated by  “Hotel Democritus”. Rights for all trademarks, copyright, other intellectual property rights as to information contained on the website (also way of organization and structure of website) and website program code is owned by either "Hotel Democritus" or it’s licensor and protected by the Greek Law on Copyright and Allied Rights.

"Hotel Democritus" allows downloading information from this website but in case of personal purposes only. Any other use of information presented on this website that has not been specifically authorized in writing in advance from "Hotel Democritus" is strictly prohibited. 

Authorized methods of use

Website can be used only in accordance with these terms. It is forbidden to carry out unauthorized or deliberately wrong bookings or fraudulent operations, aimed on booking realization, particularly, to pay a reservation with credit card or from bank account of the third party, that haven’t given a consent for such actions.

Content and website operation

We make every effort to publish correct and accurate information on its site. At the same time we do not accept liability for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or quality of the information and materials provided. Information provided on this website serves solely informational purposes. Before using information received on website, it’s advisable to check essential facts. We reserve the right to modify site content at any time without liability before the user or any third party. The user understands that such modifications may complicate their access to this site or even make it impossible. We do not guarantee compatibility of your computer equipment with the website, do not guarantee accuracy, correctness and completeness of work of all site programmed algorithms and do not carry responsibility for errors or omissions of any software and algorithms of the site. We make every effort to support the website in-condition, however because of restrictions and interruptions, that is typical to electronic connection, and other problems, related to sending of information, we carry no responsibility for site functioning and do not give a guarantee, that the website will function properly without defects.

Use of Personal Information

While visiting the Hotel Democritus site, users may be asked to provide personal information. Using this site you give the consent to provide personal information and allow it to be used in accordance with these terms. We have the right to share your personal information with third persons in the followings cases:

-         part of the collected personal information leaves on the server of processing center for rooms booking realization, cancellation of reservations and making changes to the reservations in the process of booking system use that is on the website;

-         for providing requests processing and support of site technical infrastructure;

-         if disclosure of this information is required for the observance of law, implementation of regulatory requirement, judicial decision or order about appearance in court for testifying; for rendering assistance in prosecuting inquiries, carried out by law-enforcement or other state structures; and also for security user’s and Hotel’s legal rights, property and safety, equal as rights, property and safety of the Hotel’s employees, agents and other guests, in cases, foreseen by the effective legislation of Ukraine.

-         in case of violation of the present terms such information can be used for the aims of civil and criminal pursuit of violator.

By sharing your personal information we accept all necessary measures on its security and confidentiality provision in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine in area of data communication. Using Hotel’s site, taking part in programs and staying in the Hotel, you, thereby, agree to personal data sharing in accordance with these terms. At the same time we  reserve the right to contact with you during realization of a current activity, in particular, for confirmation of made booking or transaction. Only persons, reached the age of 16 can be registered on site.

You guarantee reliability and complete volume of all information given in the process of reservation on the website. You carry responsibility for the maintainance of the password in a secret and obliged to notify "Hotel Democritus" about any known or suspected use of your information without permission.

Modification to these terms

We reserve the right to make changes in the present terms and make alterations concerning information presented on the website at our discretion. The indicated changes come into force immediate after their publication on the site www.hoteldemocritus.gr. Continuing to use the website after entered changes, you thereby accept the changed variant of terms and agree to observe them.

We reserve the right to forbid access to the website to any user at our discretion, if we consider that present terms are violated by user.

 If some part of the present terms on some reason becomes invalid or impracticable, this ineffectiveness or impracticability will not influence on reality or feasibility of the rest of the terms which fully remain in force and considered as though points that were ineffective and impracticable have never been part of the present terms.

The terms of use can be modified, therefore look over them again from time to time. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes to these terms. We hope that a visit of this website will be useful for you.

If you find some errors on this website or you have questions, remarks or suggestions concerning improvement of work of the website please contact with our user’s relation department on info@hoteldemocritus.gr